published photos/articles:

images left calf appeared in tattoo flash #34 - page 43, top right. (8-99) full pictorial spread (three pages) in tattoo savage #57. (3-04)

texts tattoo savage #57 article reprinted totally without permission. (3-04)

my works on bme - BEFORE bme became shit:

first date represents the creation of the mod; second is the photo's arrival on bme is the date the photo was taken. update: bme is currently fucking its longterm customer base. the images linked below are now linked locally. yay! fuck you, rachel!

texts my short & sweet encyclopedia entry. (~99) lish's rules for photographing piercings. (2-02) skull tattooing - that's ON my skull, not OF a skull. an experience on receiving a head tattoo. (6-04)

tattoos lishback-c.jpg my full backpiece by cat spencer, with original painting. (12-97; 8-00) lishhead1.jpg lishhead2.jpg lishhead-f1.jpg lishhead-f2.jpg lishhead-p1.jpg lishhead-p2.jpg lishhead-p3.jpg lishhead-p4.jpg lishhead-p5.jpg lishhead-p6.jpg lishhead3.jpg neo-tribal head tattoo, goes with the experience above. f* are fresh shots, p* are procedurals. 1 is two days' hair growth, 2 is five. the last pic is two years later. (6-04; 9-04 & 6-06) lishrribs1.jpg lishrribs2.jpg lishrribs3.jpg lishrribs4.jpg ribpiece by mario barth/bryan griffith. the scorpion "stings" when i lean over a certain way. (8-05 & 4-10; 7-11) lishlmarm2.jpg inner left upper arm by dawei zhang. later reworked by jon gilbert. also shown below. (9-05; 7-11, 3-15) lishchest.jpg lishchest2.jpg lishlfore.jpg lishlfore2.jpg chestpiece & companion piece on my left forearm by nick wiggins. heart later reworked by bryan griffith. (3-99, 5-10; 7-11) lishlfoot.jpg left foot by jack matisse. the ant's antennae move when i wiggle my toes. (6-12; 9-12) lishlfshould.jpg front of shoulder by bryan griffith. the first picture shows him with my arm at rest, which is a landing posture; second is how he moves when my arm is at ninety degrees, & is how they look in flight. (10-10; 7-11) lishlothigh.jpg lishlothigh-c.jpg left outer thigh by joshua carlton. this is an ongoing memorial piece for my grandmother, detailed beginning here. the second image is the current countries addition. lishlfarm.jpg front of right upper arm by jon gilbert, a portrait of my own wisdom tooth. (12-14; 3-15) lishlbicep.jpg left bicep by greg colligan, mutant love snails. (2-17) lishltshould-f1.jpg lishltshould-f2.jpg left shoulder by greg colligan. this is a memory chip from an atari 800. who gets the pun? :D (fresh pics; second photo provided for scale.) (4-19)

piercings power plugs time tunnels right & left lobes at 3/4", no plans to change from here. (1983+; 9-08) other current pics of my ears can be seen on my livejournal, & my latest jewelry collection post is here. lishtimeline.jpg my earlobe progression timeline jpeg. lish-lobetriangle1.jpg lish-lobetriangle2.jpg lish-lobetriangle3.jpg lish-lobetriangle4.jpg lish-lobetriangle5.jpg lish-lobetriangle6.jpg lish-lobetriangle7.jpg lish-lobetriangle8.jpg two self-done 14ga lobe piercings to complete a lobe triangle. the fourth pic already shows swelling; pic seven has 20mm jewelry, and eight has my normal 3/4". (5-08; 6-08) lishnavel4.jpg healed triple self-done navel. (2-96; 3-04) lish-t1.jpg lish-t2.jpg underside & top views of my multiply-pierced tongue. jewelry as of 1999 is 10ga with flatbacks under the front three posts. (11-96; 7-99)

dermal punches lishtimeline2.jpg my helix punch progression timeline jpeg. lishear16a-before.jpg lishear16b-marked.jpg lishear16c-cork.jpg lishear16d-punch.jpg lishear16e-punch2.jpg lishear16f-ring.jpg lishear16g-ring2.jpg lishear16h-done.jpg lishear16i-3mo.jpg self-done 2mm dermal punch to complete a 14ga orbital. last pic shows healing at three months. (7-02; 8-02, 10-02)

scars lishlribs-f1.jpg lishlribs-f2.jpg lishlribs-p01.jpg lishlribs-p02.jpg lishlribs-p03.jpg lishlribs-p04.jpg lishlribs-p05.jpg lishlribs-p06.jpg lishlribs-p07.jpg lishlribs-p08.jpg lishlribs-p09.jpg lishlribs-p10.jpg lishlribs-p11.jpg lishlribs-h1.jpg lishlribs-h2.jpg lishlribs-i1.jpg lishlribs-i2.jpg lishlribs-i3.jpg lishlribs-i4.jpg lishlribs-i5.jpg lishlribs-i6.jpg lishlribs-w3a.jpg lishlribs-w3b.jpg lishlribs-w3c.jpg lishlribs-w3d.jpg lishlribs-w4a.jpg lishlribs-w4b.jpg lishlribs-w4c.jpg lishlribs-w4d.jpg lishlribs-w4e.jpg lishlribs-w4f.jpg hawktail.avi lishlribs-w5a.jpg lishlribs-w5b.jpg lishlribs-w5c.jpg lishlribs-w5d.jpg lishlribs-w5e.jpg lishlribs-w5f.jpg lishlribs-m2a.jpg lishlribs-m2b.jpg lishlribs-m2c.jpg lishlribs-m2d.jpg lishlribs-m2e.jpg lishlribs-m2f.jpg lishlribs-m2g.jpg lishlribs-m3a.jpg lishlribs-m3b.jpg lishlribs-m3c.jpg lishlribs-m3d.jpg lishlribs-m3e.jpg lishlribs-m3f.jpg lishlribs-m3g.jpg hawkstrings.mp4 lishlribs-m4a.jpg lishlribs-m4b.jpg lishlribs-m5a.jpg lishlribs-m5b.jpg lishlribs-m5c.jpg lishlribs-m5d.jpg lishlribs-m5e.jpg lishlribs-m5f.jpg lishlribs-m5g.jpg lishlribs-m5h.jpg lishlribs-m6a.jpg lishlribs-m6b.jpg lishlribs-m7a.jpg lishlribs-m7b.jpg lishlribs-m7c.jpg lishlribs-m7d.jpg lishlribs-m7e.jpg lishlribs-m7f.jpg lishlribs-m8a.jpg lishlribs-m8b.jpg lishlribs-m8c.jpg lishlribs-m9a.jpg lishlribs-m9b.jpg lishlribs-m9c.jpg lishlribs-m10a.jpg lishlribs-m10b.jpg lishlribs-m11a.jpg lishlribs-m11b.jpg lishlribs-m11c.jpg lishlribs-m11d.jpg lishlribs-y1a.jpg lishlribs-y1b.jpg lishlribs-y1c.jpg lishlribs-y1d.jpg lishlribs-y1e.jpg lishlribs-y1f.jpg lishlribs-ym.jpg lishlribs-m18a.jpg lishlribs-m18b.jpg lishlribs-m18c.jpg lishlribs-m18d.jpg lishlribs-m18e.jpg lishlribs-y2a.jpg lishlribs-y2b.jpg lishlribs-y2c.jpg lishlribs-y2d.jpg lishlribs-y2e.jpg lishlribs-y2f.jpg lishlribs-y2g.jpg lishlribs-y2h.jpg lishlribs-y2i.jpg lishlribs-y2j.jpg experience write-up hawk cutting by ryan ouellette: fresh, procedurals, & healing. first procedural pass is in images p1-p5, second in p6-p11. the *i pics denote initial healing complete at day 14. images i4-i6 (& many after) are in a harsh light to show the scar's rise. the *w pics document weekly changes; *m denote months. note how the shadows make the wingtips come alive in i4, w3b, w4b, et cetera! hawktail.avi is a small video showing how he changes his tail as i move my leg, taken at week 4. month 3 returns to pants; m3f shows standing in typical jeans, & m3g is sitting. &, uh, hawkstrings.mp4 happens with all of ryan's work. the m4* pics are under tension to show that the original cuts are all still there. m5a-c shows it just starting to go white; m5d is stretched to the right & under tension. m7c is my view of him when i'm slouching in an easy chair - he's soft & flexible when not stretched to full. & -ym is the one year montage. (8-11+) lishrhand-f1.jpg lishrhand-p01.jpg lishrhand-p02.jpg lishrhand-p03.jpg lishrhand-p04.jpg lishrhand-p05.jpg lishrhand-p06.jpg lishrhand-p07.jpg lishrhand-p08.jpg lishrhand-p09.jpg lishrhand-p10.jpg lishrhand-p11.jpg lishrhand-h1.jpg lishrhand-h2.jpg lishrhand-h3.jpg lishrhand-h4.jpg lishrhand-h5.jpg experience write-up right hand cutting by ryan ouellette: fresh, procedurals, & healing. note the procedurals were all taken from across the room; apologies for the mild blurriness (& yay for 20x optical zoom). i took the saran wrap off after day 12, & it actually scabbed up a bit despite keeping it wrapped two extra days, so pardon the oil. extremities heal sloooowly. (2-14+) lishlhand-f1.jpg lishlhand-f2.jpg lishlhand-p01.jpg lishlhand-p02.jpg lishlhand-p03.jpg lishlhand-p04.jpg lishlhand-p05.jpg lishlhand-p06.jpg lishlhand-p07.jpg lishlhand-p08.jpg lishlhand-p09.jpg lishlhand-p10.jpg lishlhand-p11.jpg lishlhand-p12.jpg lishlhand-h1.jpg lishlhand-h2.jpg lishlhand-h3.jpg lishlhand-c.jpg lishlhand-b.jpg experience write-up left hand cutting by ryan ouellette: fresh, procedurals, healing, chunks, & bloodprint. (2-19+) lish-stars01.jpg lish-stars01b.jpg lish-stars02.jpg lish-stars05.jpg lish-stars06.jpg lish-stars08.jpg lish-stars10.jpg lish-stars12.jpg lish-stars14.jpg lish-stars15.jpg lish-stars17.jpg lish-starsm1.jpg lish-starsm2.jpg lish-starsm3.jpg lish-starsm6.jpg lish-starsy1.jpg lish-starsy1b.jpg lish-starsp1.jpg lish-starsp2.jpg self-done thigh cuttings: fresh & healing. filenames correlate to day. notes: the superglue in images 2, 5 & 6 is to help the deeper cuts heal evenly. day 14 - cold morning: i wish they'd stay this color! the *m files indicate month; *y is one year; the *p images are bloodprints. (3-04+) lishhand.jpg lishhand2.jpg lishhand-print.jpg my finger cutting, a 2011 update pic, & a bloodprint thereof. (8-01; 11-01, 8-11)

photos i linked on livejournal, yahoo, et cetera:

dates are accurate.

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lj community: get_up_dread_up lish-mustang.jpg full text in my friend's '68 mustang. (3-07) novwindow.jpg novside1.jpg novside2.jpg full text november '06. the first is the view from my back window. (11-06) lish-july.jpg lishroot1.jpg lishroot2.jpg lishroot3.jpg full text nineteen month old locks, & three root close-up pics. be envious. (7-06) lishapr-side.jpg lishapr-sh.jpg lishapr-back.jpg lishapr-car.jpg full text lots of freshly dyed april '06 pics. (4-06) jingle1.jpg jingle2.jpg full text jingle dreads! (12-05) 1yr1.jpg 1yr2.jpg 1yr3.jpg full text celebratory one year post. (12-05) oct-car1.jpg oct-car2.jpg full text top-up miata shots on a cloudy day. (10-05) lish-sincity.jpg my ode to sin city. (4-05)

lj community: madradhair lish-spots5.jpg lish-spots6.jpg full text spots! (12-03)

lj community: mohawked_people jacket.jpg original full text we got off-topic about how we've decorated our leather jackets. i liked the idea, so i posted mine. (2-04) lish-spike2.jpg lish-spike4.jpg full text spiked for a tattoo convention using knox gelatine. (6-03)

lj community: showmeyourrack barrette.jpg full text i made a geek-chic barrette. fuck me, john romero. (1-04)

yahoo group: hair extensions & dreadlocks [offline] photos of my first set of dreads. lishjuly.jpg background: hair dye towel, photo of a guy in a dress. (7-01) lishfeb.jpg closeup left, four year old locks. (2-01)


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