cool shit lish has done

this list includes anything i consider pretty awesome. did a lot of traveling & moving around the country have ridden horses all over the world hawaii: hawaii 2: ireland: new zealand: costa rica: costa rica 2: argentina (criollo): iceland (icelandic horse): touched a lot of amazing musicians & other creative people peter steele - type o negative rob dickinson - the catherine wheel henry rollins - black flag, rollins band trever keith - face to face rob wright - nomeansno, hanson brothers, mr. right & mr. wrong jeff pezzati - naked raygun christopher titus - comedian sean daley (slug) - atmosphere chuck cleaver - ass ponys, wussy jon ginoli, chris freeman, & joel reader - pansy division geoff beran - geoff muddy lee - radar ken jennings - jeopardy champion terrell woods (carnage) - carnage the executioner big mike geier - puddles pity party lance hahn - j church (never met, but communicated extensively before his death) ben ellis - the catherine wheel, serafin (never met, have communicated extensively) vaughn walters - vaughn walters (ditto above) walked on antarctica climbed on the pyramids of giza took a parabolic/zero g flight saw my tibia supported a genius creator experienced the quietest place in the world - anechoic chamber did the skywalk & skyjump climbed the sydney harbour bridge rode a canyon swing rode a camel kissed the blarney stone had a friend tattoo my words on himself ate scorpions climbed 1000 steps on the great wall of china ate portal cake went paragliding ate a mind-blowing $125 meal rode in a glider flew a cessna 172R rode on a palanquin went snorkeling went ziplining went skydiving started home business #2 lived through hurricane wilma started home business #1 was in wired news & on tv [twice] rode in a hot air balloon circa 1990 return send comments to