"If you get the chance, have Lish work on your hair. Her work is beyond amazing, and she was so gentle I actually began drifting in and out of sleep a bit towards the end. Best decision I have ever made about my hair, period." - amanda

started dreads on thick, asian hair amanda is filipina, & has mass amounts of hair. both flash & non-flash photos are presented here, as it's tough to see the details on hair this dark. before: sectioned: during: finished: details: performed maintenance on fourteen month old dreads before: during: underside before and after: finished: performed maintenance on two year old dreads before: finished:

"I cannot say enough about how awesome lish's hair work is; I went to her twice for maintenance on my first set and she has started BOTH my sets of dreads, so that should speak for itself." - amanda

started dreads on thick, asian hair - again amanda had some complications during her second pregnancy, & the medicine she was given caused some pretty awful skin reactions. she cut & combed out the above set to save her scalp, but came back to have a new set started as soon as she recovered. i consider this a huge compliment to my work. pics coming soon. back to hairwork send mail to crank@got.net all images copyright C lish daelnar except where noted. all rights reserved.