"I've never been happy with my hair, except for right now. I intend to keep my dreads until I start losing hair from old age (should that happen). They have literally saved my self-esteem." -anya

cleaned up a few self-started dreads, created the rest before - after cleaning up the dreads she started: after: artsy shot: a year & a half later: photo by anya smirnova photo by anya smirnova

"I'm REALLY happy with my hair. Like, giddy kind of happy. And I enjoyed my time at your place, you guys are all great :-) Thank you so much for this!" - anya

maintenance on two year old locks before: nape before/after: after: after photos by anya smirnova maintenance on three year old locks before: specific chunks worked in: nape before/after: after: back to hairwork send mail to crank@got.net all images copyright C lish daelnar except where noted. all rights reserved.