"You were right, I'm STOKED!" -loren

combined 76 dreads into 51, saved six month old dreads from future developmental problems loren had 76 young dreads, which were too much upkeep and too skinny for him. i combined the majority of them for him. additionally, loren had gone twice to a place that wrapped string around the base of each lock, which is a false maintenance that damages dread development. in the pics below, you can clearly see the weak spots caused by the tight banding. fortunately, i was able to rectify many of these areas through the combination technique i invented. before: photo by loren boley after removing the base ties: the dreads to be combined are temporarily held together with rubber bands to allow loren to approve the aesthetic: before-&-afters on specific combinations: one: two: three: four: entire back: finished. some of the sections are a bit wonky, of course, but i didn't want to stress loren's scalp with further resectioning at this time. he will come back later if the sections need to be modified. combined 51 dreads into 36 a couple of weeks later, after adjusting to thicker dreads, loren decided to go down farther & make all of his dreads fatter. before: temporary rubber bands for aesthetic approval: finished: eight months later: full maintenance before: finished: back to hairwork send mail to crank@got.net all images copyright C lish daelnar except where noted. all rights reserved.