cured year old dreads of serious developmental problems
meghan had been going to places that wrap string around the base of each 
lock, which is a false maintenance that damages dread development. the 
pile of string i removed can be seen at the bottom. she also had several 
dreads which had not locked at all for 2" in the middles due to similar 
banding with string - these i combed out & restored. her roots were matted 
against her scalp & needed to be smoothed back into dread form.


before-&-afters on specific problem dreads due to string maintenance:



after full maintenance:

most of the thread i picked out:

bleached out bangs aiming for white
this was achieved in one day without hurting her hair's quality. i decided 
not to do more work, & i instructed her in achieving full white on her own
after doing some protein & moisture treatments.



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