It's been quite a year in dreadlocking. The knots were put in with the 
intention to add my mom's old dreaded hair. Seven were thin where they 
connected to mine so my brother donated 6in of hair to keep our family 
together. My brother is the wedge, and the glue that holds us all together 
;) I feel like I've been full circle. My hair is growing and I can see how 
my dreads are growing in. Lish didn't sew in the stray hairs going down 
the dreads, just at the roots, as they were still a little soft for that. 
It's great having all that stray hair GONE.

I love them! They were great when Lish started them and they're even 
better now, 10mo 3wks later. Maintenance during a migraine sounds painful 
doesn't it? IT WASN'T! I was rather dazed...head in a cloud and foot in my 
mouth, always in my mouth. I'm not generally that bad tho :P I didn't 
realize how 'off' I was till I recovered. (Sorry guys, and THANK YOU for 
putting up with me and everything I forgot :P, including the time... Sorry 
I was late.)

reasons to go to Lish for Maintenance

-It's a comfort to know she's there if something strange happens

-I'll never fear a flat dread AGAIN! she worked miracles with fatty
 mcFLAT. It might be 'simple' to everyone else but I did my best
 palmrolling in the shower and Flatty was destined-or so I thought. Lish
 commanded it to round itself. Flatty is FATTY mcFAT once more! DON'T GIVE
 UP they CAN change!!!!

-can't beat the price for the service!

-she puts up with my babbling and throwing dreads back at her (force of
 habit it was in my face)

-willing to travel and very reasonable travel rates too!!

-fast fast FAST! I thought it would take a lot longer thus cost a LOT

-She doesn't just do her thing and send you out the door. She tells you
 how to take care of your hair. When I left I felt inspired and more
 confident that I could handle anything my dreads thew at me!

-she doesn't over tighten the loose sewn in hairs nor is it obvious my
 roots have been 'sewn up'. My hair was tidy but didn't LOOK like I had
 just had work done-PERFECT!! Much nicer looking than what I've been
 doing. (you can see the hairs weaving in and out till it mats when I do

-Your hair is more important than money! Upfront and GREAT ethics
 concerning what she can and can't/will/won't do with your hair. I'd
 rather be turned down than fucked up, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

-My comfort seemed to be high on the list, ya know... up there with
 breathing and eating (which she also let me do). Until Saturday I
 thought having someone else rip my roots apart had to hurt. Heck, I
 cause myself more pain then she ever did! It was done before I knew my
 roots had been separated! I didn't feel anything! I even had a migraine
 and it wasn't bothered or heightened at ALL!! I thought I was going to
 have to suck it up but a kid could do this!!!...I'd bring my dreaded
 rugrats to her if she'd take em! :)

She fully informed me she was going to try to fix my thin extensions that 
I attached too low and there was a chance of losing my extension. She 
made sure I was totally cool with it before starting. She worked my 
brother's hair into mini dreads and shoved them inside the thin spots. It 
came out perfectly fat, round, and fabulous! I didn't really SEE just how 
awesome they were till I got under the 2340823472 flood lights in my own 
bathroom. They feel amazing! I never would have thought to fill the weak 
spots in that feels and looks great! And

I want to strangle the person who did my mom's as they were braided and 
are coming undone where she had put beads on right away that I have now 
removed. They looked dreaded from the outside but without the beads the 
braids are coming undone. I have sections of undreaded hair that will have 
to retangle. As Lish put it, "at least you don't want to strangle the 
bitch who started YOUR dreads". I've learned and changed my mind A LOT in 
14mo of searching out locks and almost 11mo of having them...I've gotten 
even more picky about who touches my hair, and it seems so many people I 
know do quick fixes and things I don't like. :( Thank goodness, er, 
knottiness for people who know what they are doing!

- Wilma