updated 4-19-14

	by popular demand, these are items i would like to own but am
disinclined to purchase for myself for whatever reason - usually because i
have desire but no real need for these things, & thus i don't budget them 
in. anyhow, if you feel grateful to me & don't know what to do, or you
actually respect my birthday, these are lovely ideas. the more expensive
ones can always be contributed *towards*. the ones i want most are asterisked.

	deleted items were either purchased by me or for me; you
don't get to know which because that's just obnoxious. i leave them on solely
so you can get an idea of what i like & veer off this list if you choose.

blood typing kit i'm type o negative!
i always want to know, & reliably forget to ask my doctor to find out. $9

various dvds
contact me for a current list, or send me your favorite movie. $10-20

my favorite sushi bars in the area. send money via paypal & let me know you're
taking me to dinner remotely, & you bet i'll spend your money on raw fish.

silent hill 1 or 3
for ps2 or xbox360. i have 2 & 4. $15-40

* harry & david
their fruit is omg so good. i'd be happy with anything non-cheese. chocolate's
nice (go dark!) but i prefer fruit above all else. $20-250

* exotic meats
pretty much anything. seriously. i want to eat EVERY ANIMAL. $35 & up

crazy red italian airhorn
standard miata horns are pathetic. this is the winner right here. $45

relic stoneworks
a pair of 3/4" regular plugs from leo is $75-300. he does AMAZING work. here
is a custom order he made for me. i can always find something to commission
from this guy. $75-300

sony marine camera case
underwater dreads photography. who could resist? $200 update i don't own
this camera anymore; i have a dsc-hx1 now. as of 6-11, it doesn't have a
marine case option. ;_;

a clean house without, you know, trying? sign me up! $280

west elm
pretty much anything. man, i love this store. i'm particularly enamored of
the geometric bookcase. $400

.357 s&w revolver
a gorgeous piece of weaponry i've wanted to own since 1995. $600

laser eye surgery
i really, really, really want to get rid of my fucking glasses. $3000

zero g flight
fuck yes i'd do this in a second. $5197.50

& of course:
we all know i accept cash via paypal. return send comments to crank@got.net