[ note: for serious answers, read texts by lish:
tattoo faq: http://compunction.org/healing.txt
piercing faq: http://compunction.org/healing2.txt ]

Yttrx's World Famous Punk Piercing Method, #3; The Eyebrow:

1. Get really really drunk.  And remember, Punks dont drink pilsner.
2. Make sure you are very dirty and very sweaty from slam dancing (thats
what punks called 'moshing' when it was still deadly) all night at an
unknown to the mundane nightclub in the basement of a warehouse on the
lower east side.
3. Make sure you are very thin and pale from shooting up tons and tons of
4. Rip a safteypin out of a friend's nose.
5. Hold a lighter under the saftey pin until you get bubbling blisters on
your fingers or until all the little germies on it are dead, whichever
comes first.
6. Pinch your eyeybrow really hard and pull it away from your skull.  Use
this opprotunity to make cool punk faces at your friends.   
7. Shove the sharp end of the saftey pin (thats the pointy part, not the
round part) through your eyebrow.  Take it like a man, even if you arent. 

8. Say something mean about the queen even if you arent british.  You know
you want to be.


1.  If it hurts, rub it really hard.  That will make it feel better.
2.  If its swollen, pinch it till you get all the puss and blood out.  
3.  If it seems to be like, really bad, like all blue and purple and
really REALLY swollen and pussy, and like theres blood running down into
your eye and it smells like rotting flesh, just cut the whole thing out
with something very very sharp.  Then tear off a piece of your shirt and
press it against the hole really hard.  That will make it feel better.