cleaned up loose hair at roots of mature dreads, bleached roots in
preparation for dyeing
no before pics, sorry. loose hair was similar to annie's.

combining two dreads into one
the smaller lock was always troublesome. i combined it seamlessly into the 
nearest dread.


dyeing full length of dreads
mottled SFX blue velvet & SFX iguana green after one rinse (several rinses
are required before the colors look right):

after four rinses, more properly represented:

maintenance on three year old locks


maintenance on six year old locks
for the first two years, joe had never really left his dreads alone. he'd
always WAY over-maintained them in negative ways (side rubbing, root rubbing,
et cetera) & tried to force their development. after meeting me & having a
couple of "natural" maintenance sessions, he decided to just let them go for
a while and see what happens. the loose hair shown is from two years of NO
maintenance aside from an occasional bit of palm rolling. unfortunately, he
also didn't separate them well in that time.
before separation:

after separation, before root cleanup:

after root cleanup:

deep cleaning on four year old locks
this is from a deep cleaning recipe in the saved posts of the dreadlocks
community i moderate. joe's dreads were started with wax (not by me!),
maintained with wax before we met, poorly rinsed of shampoo & bleach over the
years, & he never took the time to clean out all of that old gunk. due to the
grossness of these pictures, i've put them on their own page. please
click here to view a pictorial of the cleaning.

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