deep cleaning on four year old locks

please note: i acquired an inflatable shampoo bed to begin offering this
service to clients. you'd be laying flat on the floor to undergo the process,
not stuck standing bent over in a sink. :)

the sink before. you can see the ingredients dissolve to a translucent pale

during. joe soaked for about 30 minutes in total, & i took photos at regular
intervals. be aware his dreads were a very faded green & blue to begin with.

already showing dirt:

very dirty:

at the end:

little to no dye was stripped from his dreads. this is all filth:

this picture shows the old shampoo, old wax, and other grease loosened by the
deep cleaning. after this was taken, i sent him to the shower to continue
rinsing and squeezing until this stopped happening.

the sink after:

we have a second deep clean planned in a week to make sure ALL of that old
grossness is out. he's already saying how much better his dreads feel, &
they definitely look nicer. click here to return to the finished pics.

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