pics of set 2, dreadhawk

started new dreads combining two thin dreads into one thicker each set of banded dreads in first pic seamlessly become one in the second before: after: bleach/dye regularly re-bleaching the roots & redyeing in the following procedurals: rounded the tips (to purposely keep a soft end) before: after: at 1.5 years old

pics of fourth (current) set

started new dreads note: this is not my face. it's a poster of franka potente in "run lola run". but thanks for emailing me, guys. :D at ten months old at two years old & beyond...! (scroll right) rounded the tips (to purposely keep a soft/tapered end) (mostly) before: after: before & afters on specific tips:

between dreads:

spiked mohawk custom dyeing work (scroll up for maintenance dyeing) leopard print: making a blonde spot at the nape: black streaks in red hair: more photos of my hair can always be found on my art page. back to hairwork send mail to all images copyright C lish daelnar except where noted. all rights reserved.