"Lish did it! I'm soooo glad I let her do it!! It was well worth it! [She] did a wonderful job." -wilma

started dreads on fine, soft hair before: during: finished: at 9/10 months, after she added some extensions from her mother's cut dreads: photo by wilma reiki photo by wilma reiki maintenance on almost year-old locks wilma's dreads had some interesting issues due to attaching heavy extensions so early on. i performed a standard root cleanup, but also filled in some weak spots where her extensions should have been attached higher.

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weak spots before: tiny dreads i made from her brother's hair to fill the weak spots: specific dreads: weak spots after: root clean-up before: after: nape before: nape after: she also had one dread that had gotten fat at the tip before the extensions, but thinned at the root after extensions due to the weight. i evened this out for her. before: after: full maintenance on 1.5 year old dreads before: after: maintenance on 2.5 year old dreads before: after: back to hairwork send mail to crank@got.net all images copyright C lish daelnar except where noted. all rights reserved.