bodymod services - if i'm performing one of these tasks for you, i figure you won't mind taking me to
lunch as thanks for it. :) click for more info:

ear mockups - $15 for both ears, $10 for one
painted plugs - $5 per pair 00ga & smaller; $5 per plug larger
fried glass - $5 per pair

ear mockups:

i offer photoshop mockups of my ideas (or your suggestions!) onto your ears - $15 for both ears, or $10 for one. i promise a full refund if i can't think of anything interesting & unique specifically for you - but i haven't had any disappointed customers yet. :) here are some examples of what i've done: contact me at the email below with good side-on photos of your ears, & paypal the same address. let me know if there's anything you'd like to see, specifically don't want, or want restricted in your mockups. (eg "i've been thinking of a helix punch", "i don't want an industrial or orbital", or "i only want to stretch my lobes to 8ga.") this service includes a brief write-up on why i made each placement. my usual turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. (& yes, i've done facial mockups too, also $10. :) ) CURRENTLY ON CREATIVE HIATUS. email me BEFORE paying if you're interested in this service.

painted plugs:

truly red dichro is nearly impossible to find. i've been working with translucent paint, & have become adept at urning silver or orangy glass plugs into visually very RED jewelry. below are some examples. for 00ga & smaller, this service costs $5 per pair. larger than that, i'm asking $5 per plug, as the difficulty level rises exponentially. please send your glass with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) & well concealed cash; contact me at the email below for my address.

fried glass:

i've had a lot of requests to fry people's glass plugs for them. here are some examples of plugs i've fried: send your soft glass plugs (pyrex glass (borosilicate) will NOT fry) with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) & well concealed cash, i'll be glad to nicely fry them for you to the best of my ability. contact me at the email below for my address. disclaimers: - frying glass is DANGEROUS. i take no responsibility for your personal well-being if you choose to wear fried glass. read this or email me for more info. - i have never had a pair fail on me during frying, but be aware that it can happen. so i'll be as gentle with your jewelry as possible, but if this happens to your plugs, i am not going to replace them or otherwise compensate you for them. return send comments to